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Taiko Sommercamps

Taiko Intensive Summer 2018

The next summer camp will take place from 2-6 August 2023 in Molkenberg at the river Havel! Participants can bring at least 2-3 years of Taiko experience. There is a waiting list.
The last summer camp took place from 20-24 July 2022 in Molkenberg an der Havel! Once again it was fantastic to spend a few days of the summer at the Havel and let taiko drums rumble through the village. Some of the residents take it in their stride, others open their windows especially, not only to hear the deep bass sounds, but also to feel them;-)
Finally, they thank us for coming only once a year, with a visit to our small final concert in the garden of the Old Dairy.

Our first annual Taiko Intensive Summer Camp took place in 2018 in the North of Brandenburg, quite close to Berlin. Gut Schmarsow is a nice place to stay and to play a lot of taiko;-)

Starting on wednesday with some taiko-sessions, there will be drills in the morning, units with practicing some techniques alongside with taiko pieces taught by Sakiko Nakahara (Akaishi Daiko), Oliver Reichelt (Tama Daiko) und Lilo Fischer (iki iki TAIKO).

We are happy to repeat this event in summer 2019 from 18th to 21st July 2019; if you are interested, there is a waiting list – there is a amall possibility that there will be one or two spaces left – please contact