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Taiko is a joie de vivre. Concentrate on movements, sequences and the technical challenges and you can achieve peace of mind. But it is more than a means to turn off the stress of everyday life, it also offers a sense of community.

For the curious, there are performances from time to time such as our celebration of 5 years iki iki TAIKO in the ufaFabrik in August 2021 – have an insight in our concert here (DVD in full length is available, too):

Upcoming performances: 
open doors of Musikfabrik: 11th March 2023 starting at 3 pm (you will find us on the first floor); insights and mini workshops until 7 pm. At 7 pm, a concert of many percussion groups and mucis bands will start – there will be Taiko at about 8 pm😉

Tulpenfest in Luckau – the big Parc in the lovely region Spreewald will be trembling at 11:15 and at 12:45 am – each Taikoset for about 40 minutes;-)

Or visit one of our occasional Saturday afternoon classes available on a regular basis (see Workshops/classes). Perhaps a good idea: please ask for gift vouchers – as a present . If you are interested, please contact Lilo Fischer at 0172 – 39 88 211 or write to

Another way to discover Taiko is to participate in one of our weekend-workshops. Over one intensive weekend, we explore the underlying rhythms of a certain piece, while also developing the content of the piece. A basic musical education is not necessary for this – the rhythms are mediated in syllable language and once spoken they are easily played back.

Workshops on demand (also available off location) is ideal for company teambuilding or student groups: the rhythmic beats releases aggression, while the vibrations bring body and soul in harmony. Considering music and speech are both processed in the same part of the brain, it can be assumed that regular music or rhythm teaching can support other facets of learning and development.

Some things to consider:

Taiko requires large, accentuated movements – comfortable sportswear is advised.

Taiko drumming is very noisy – hearing protection is issued on site.

We kindly ask that shoes be changed before entering the dojo;-)

Only those who have registered in advance will be allowed to participate.